The largest center for storing small boats in Greece at the site of Thoriko , Lavrion , very close to the launching slides of Thoriko and Port of Lavrion , has now opened its gates to receive your boat. We would therefore like to inform the owners of pleasure boats of the idea , the operation , the great service they can enjoy as well as the best value for money they can opt for.

   Park In Boat Storage & Services has been developed on a privately owned stretch of 26 Km2 with infrastructure suitable for keeping pleasure boats safe. What really stands out , though , is supporting facilities of 4.000 m2 which can store up to 100 boats in absolutely enclosed surroundings making certain there is no exposure of any part of them to the sun or dust or rain. Our clients are given a choice of four different alternatives as the ideal solution for the safe keeping of their own boat.

These options are:

First option: Storing the boat completely out in the open air.

Second option: Storage under a shed of heavy iron and a thick plastic panelled roof for better insulation and protection from the rain. The sheds have been constructed on the grounds of a static study and they are fully equipped with electricity water , air and lighting.

Third option: Storage inside the grand enclosed facility. It is a spacious , entirely , renovated , airtight but ventilated area. The building was reconstructed on the basis of a static study and comes with a fire extinguishing system of a great reliability for every boat, industrial flooring, water mains, air, lighting and power.

Fourth option: Suites. The suite is created In a few days following the agreement made with the client depending on the size and the needs of the boat. It allows exclusive use of the boat in question , its own entrance / exit door ( by electric rolling shutters ) , storage room for miscellaneous ( parking cover , fishing gear , water games e.t.c ) lighting , air , power , water supply. The first suites have already been made and are already housing boats. With your best service in mind , we have made provisions for the selling of sailing gear in a small store on the premises. Yachting goods of a wide range and well-known brands are to be found with us as well as a mini market to meet your immediate needs in supplies just before you depart such as coffee , water , refreshments e.t.c.

   Were you late getting back? Did you run into some really nasty weather? Did you get soaked? Did one of your crew suddenly feel sick? We have thought of creating independent , luxurious client rooms with independent bathrooms and all the necessary equipment for accommodation , to spend the night at our place at no extra charge. Throughout the facilities there are security cameras , modern fencing , nighttime watchmen by a security company , trained dogs and full insurance coverage by a well-known insurance company. Among the services provided around the clock , there are the launching and the refloating of boats with a full , new fleet of special vehicles so that you can be made to feel safer about your property. We also give you the possibility to rent the right boat of all sizes.

   The sole purpose of our company is to have satisfied clients only with impeccable boats that are ready to sail out. This is after all , what our twenty years of experience has shown in the way of pleasure boats with the best service to the client in mind. You are invited to visit Park In and meet us so that you can see for yourselves how we may be of service to you.